Speakers at the Event

An international group of academic practitioners from North America, Africa, Europe, Asia & Oceania


Dr. Christo Lombard, ThD

Distinguished Professor of Missional Ethics & Moral Theology
Reconciliation Studies Specialist
International Experience: Australia, Belgium, Botswana, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Israel, Italy, Kenya, Namibia, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA

Dr. Curt Watke, PhD

President of Missional University
Professor of Missiology & Evangelism
International Experience:  Canada, Colombia, England, France, Germany & USA

Prof. David Brazzeal

Instructor in Missional Arts
Prayer & Spiritual Formation Specialist
International Experience: Brazil, French Caribbean, Canada, France, USA

Dr. David Simmons, DMin

Professor of Hospice & Palliative Care
End-of-Life Care Specialist
International Experience: USA

Dr. Dorcas Dennis, PhD

Professor of Folk Studies
World Religion Specialist 
International Experience: Ghana, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia

Dr. Fergus King, DTh

Professor of New Testament Mission
Sociocultural Interpretation Specialist
International Experiences: Australia, Botswana, Caribbean, England, Kenya, Malawi, Scotland, South Africa, Tanzania, Venezuela, Zambia

Dr. Hal Scott, PhD, BCC

Commander, US Navy Chaplain (retired)

Professor of Military Ministry
Military & Veteran Health Specialist
International Experience: Africa, Haiti, South America, USA

Dr. Ignatius Meimaris, DMin

Professor of Marketplace Ministry
Business as Mission Specialist
International Experience: Greece, USA

Dr. John Bitar, PhD

Professor of Islamic Studies
Missiology Specialist
International Experience: Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Greece, Taiwan, USA

Dr. John Brittain, PhD

Professor of Missional Disciplemaking
Church Health Specialist
Missions Experience: USA

Dr. Kerry McRoberts, DMin

Dean, School of Missional Practice
Professor of Missional Congregations

Missional Apologetics Specialist
International Experience: Mexico; El Salvador; Costa Rica; The Bahamas; Germany; Austria; France; The Azores (Portugal); Denmark; Ireland; Ethiopia; D.R. Congo; Israel; Singapore; Japan; Canada & USA

Dr. Kim Engelmann, DMin

Professor of Christian Spirituality
Pastoral Care Specialist
International Experience: Guatemala, Jamaica, Mexico, US Native American reservations

Dr. Matthew Murphy, DMin

Professor of Missional Living
Missional Community Specialist
International Experiences: Dominican Republic, Mexico, Taiwan, Thailand, USA

Dr. Michael Knight, DSL, PhD (in progress)

Professor of Gen Z and Urban Youth
Youth Faith and Culture Specialist
International Experience: Bahama Islands, British Virgin Islands, Cambodia, Canada, China, Egypt, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Mexico, Myanmar, Netherlands, Philippines, South Africa, Syria, Turkey, USA

Prof. Sara Blakeney, PhD (in progress)

Instructor in Millennial Faith & Culture
Millennial Spiritual Formation Specialist
International Experience: Cuba, Czech Republic, Equador, Ireland, Jamaica, Namibia, USA

Dr. Stamenka Antonova, PhD

Professor of Early Christianity
Historical Apologetics Specialist
International Experiences: Bulgaria, Germany, Israel, Italy, USA, UK

Dr. Steve Winiarski, PhD

Dean, School of Professional Education
Professor of Greek Language & Literature
Biblical Intertextuality Specialist
International Experiences: USA

Dr. Terry Coy,  PhD

Professor of Theology & Culture
Church Planter Management Specialist

International Experiences: Canada, Chile, India, Lebanon, Mexico, Turkey, USA

Dr. Vinod John, PhD

Dean, Theological College of Asia
Senior Professor of Missional & Social Theology
Asian Theology Specialist
International Experiences: Canada, India, Singapore, South Korea, USA